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Our mission

ITconfig/all is not meant to be just any IT service provider. We believe that quality can only come out where there is quality in. That is why, in the cooperation with our employees and our customers, we rely on


We want to be a company that treats its employees and experts as equals and recognizes their abilities and differences.


We want to deal sustainably with the manpower of the people who work with and for us in order to increase and maintain satisfaction. Only in this way can they develop their capabilities and use them to the benefit of us all.


We want to grow with our team. We invest in the further development of each individual and thus develop as a whole. Our doors are always open for any idea and challenge.


We want to communicate honestly and clearly – with our employees, our experts and our customers. For us, this is the basis for a profitable and reliable business relationship.


We want to do justice to the constantly changing lifestyles of our employees and customers. Flexible working hours and responding to changing requirements at short notice go hand in hand.


We want long-term, resilient business relationships in which people can rely on each other even in difficult times.

Our history


After years of working as freelancers for various IT service providers, we knew how we didn’t want to work. So we founded ITconfig/all with the ambition to provide high quality IT services by working with the most motivated professionals. We guarantee a high work ethic through fair dealings, clear communication and a wide range of development opportunities.

2019 – 2020

We started with three of us. In the meantime, our core team has grown to 12 employees. We were able to successfully accompany the first Europe-wide rollout and continuously expand our service. In the meantime, our range of services includes infrastructure support in the data center and network area.

2022 – 2023

ITconfig/all unfolds. New project managers, our own employee management software and a steadily growing network of IT experts allow our team to outgrow itself.

2023 – future

We continue to strive for further development and sustainable growth. Our core team consists of 35 experts. New colleagues enrich our recruiting team and help us to make our network and service offering even more diverse.

Our team


Managing Director


Manager Software Operation Center


Managing Director


IT Project Manager / IT Service Manager


Senior Recruiting Manager


IT Project Manager / IT Service Manager


Junior Recruiter / Marketing


Security & Vulnerability Specialist


People and Culture / Backoffice


Product Owner/ Network Consultant