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We have the right IT experts for every digitization and modernization measure in your working environment. They support your team from planning to implementation and beyond.

Our Consulting Service Workplace includes:


professional rollout services for your IT infrastructure and workstation systems for efficient implementation and commissioning of hardware and software

1st to 3rd level support

Comprehensive support for your employees, from first-level problem solving to complex issues in 3rd-level support

System Administration

Administration of your IT systems for smooth operation and maximum security and compliance in your workplace environment

Workplace Architecture

Develop customized workplace architectures that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and meet the needs of your business

Professional resourcing

Secondment of experienced and qualified IT professionals to support your team in the implementation of projects and in day-to-day operations

Employee leasing

flexible temporary staffing solutions for short or long term coverage of your personnel needs


Internal company networking and/or networking with customers is of central importance for your core business. To ensure that communication and data transmission run smoothly, our network experts support your team in providing a stable and secure network infrastructure.

Our Consulting Service Network includes:


Support in planning and implementation of network rollouts for a stable and efficient network infrastructure

1st to 3rd level support

Assist with network issues and inquiries at all levels.

Network Administration

Administration and maintenance of your network environment for highest security, performance and stability

Network Architecture

Design and implementation of customized, future-proof network solutions

Professional resourcing

Sending qualified network experts to support your team in overcoming challenges and implementing projects

Employee leasing

Flexible temporary staffing solutions in the field of network technology to meet your staffing needs quickly and efficiently


Your cloud solution is customized for your business. Our cloud experts work with your team to ensure that your cloud resources are used efficiently and securely.

Our Consulting Service Cloud includes:

Cloud Administration

Optimal support for the management and monitoring of your cloud infrastructure

Cloud Architecture

Design and implementation of customized cloud architectures that are aligned with your specific business needs and objectives

Professional resourcing

Sending highly qualified cloud specialists to manage your projects on site

Employee leasing

flexible employee leasing enables you to cover your short- or long-term personnel needs

Data Center

When your core business depends on complex data center structures, optimal performance and reliability of your IT systems are very important. To keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently, our Data Center Experts support your team.

Our Consulting Service Data Center includes:

Cabeling Experts

Support for the planning, installation and maintenance of your data center cable infrastructure

Hands & Eyes Support

Hands & Eyes on-site or remote support, testing and troubleshooting for your data center needs

Installation and Configuration

Support with installation and configuration of your data center hardware and software


Effective management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure for early detection of potential problems and optimization of system performance

Professional resourcing

Support for your team from experienced data center professionals

Employee leasing

Flexible personnel leasing to meet your short- or long-term staffing needs


Our security experts analyze and evaluate existing security measures in relation to potential threats to your systems, applications and data. Together with your team, they ensure the highest possible cyber security for your company and your employees.

Our Consulting Service Security includes:

Vulnerability Analysis

Comprehensive vulnerability analysis to identify potential security gaps in your IT infrastructure and take necessary countermeasures

Workplace Expert

Create a secure and efficient work environment for your employees by implementing the latest security technologies and best practices for your IT workstations.

Infrastructure Expert

Help protect your networks, servers and data from unauthorized access and potential attacks

Cloud Experts

Help you securely store and manage your data and applications in the cloud by implementing proven security policies and controls

Professional resourcing

Finding and hiring qualified IT security experts for your company

Employee leasing

flexible employee leasing to meet the safety requirements in your company

Project Management

With us you will find project managers for every IT area. These help you and your team to implement state-of-the-art technologies and processes, promote the productivity and efficiency of your employees and adapt your company to the ever-changing demands of the market.

Our Consulting Service Project Management includes:

Rollout project management

Planning, control and monitoring of your IT rollout projects by our experienced project managers

Workplace Transformation

Workplace transformation with the help of our specialized project managers

Infrastructure Transformation

Modernization of your IT infrastructure by our Infrastructure Project Managers

Cloud migration

Accelerate the transition to cloud computing with our cloud migration services.

Agile and classic

Combined project management approach of agile and classic methods for maximum flexibility and control on your side

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